Paternis (11)
Amanda Weston
Biographical information
Full name: Amanda Weston
Status: Alive
Occupation: Medical Examiner (by day)
Disc Jockey (by night)
Other information
Hair color: Black
Significant Other/s: Camille Engelson (girlfriend)
Series information
Portrayed by: Anna Akana
Season/s: Three
First appearance: For Love or Money
Latest appearance: Maternis
Appearance count: 7
Amanda is a love interest for Camille Engelson in "For Love or Money", and is Camille's first shown relationship with a woman. She is portrayed by Anna Akana.


Season 3 (1/10)

  • For Love or Money
  • Perfect
  • Mind Palace
  • Paternis
  • The Gremlin and the Fixer
  • Kill it Forward
  • Maternis