A real gentleman. Good for her, she deserves it.
Theo to Linus about his relationship with Camille
Stitchers Mind Palace (5)
General Information
Pairing (characters): Linus Ahluwalia and Camille Engelson
Kind of pairing (friendship, couple, family etc.): Hookup, On Again/Off Again
Status: Close Friends, Exes
Started (when + reason): Connection
Nickname(s): Linille (by fans)

Camus is the romantic relationship between Camille Engelson and Linus Ahluwalia. The relationship began as a hookup, but was on/off for a while. As of The Two Deaths of Jamie B, they are currently dating.

Season 1

Linus first meets Camille outside of a rave during an investigation of the death of Lisa Keller, and they are both mutually interested in each other. The dance together very closely while in the rave. After Camille is revealed to be working for the program, the banter between the two of them becomes flirtatious. The chemistry between them continues on in Connection, culminating in them hooking up while trying to assemble Ed Clark's old stereo system.

Season 2

The One That Got Away

When Theo is talking about Camille in an unflattering way, Linus cuts him off to which Theo asks if they're dating. Theo then gives support to their relationship. Later, when Theo is humiliating Camille, Linus steps in and tells her to leave Camille alone, and to move out and take his things. Camille sees this as a bold move and she appreciates it.

The Two Deaths of Jamie B

Camille and Linus are in Cameron's apartment while Camille tells Linus about how she kicked Theo's ass and got all of Linus's stolen things back. This then turns into a kiss. After an awkward exchange, Linus backpedals, saying "we just got caught up in the moment". To this, Camille replies "What? I just had to lock the car!" and they continue to hook up.




Camille: [to Kirsten] "Hey, Kirsten, can I borrow your sweatshirt for a booty call with Linus last night?”

Camille: "I just had to lock the car."


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