Friends In Low Places
Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date June 9th, 2015
Written by Jeff Schechter
Directed by Steve Robin
U.S. Viewers (millions) 0.98
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A Stitch In Time

Friends in Low Places is the second episode of Season 1. It aired on June 9th, 2015.


A dangerous new drug has claimed the life of a young woman and, while the Stitchers team is looking for its source, they run into Detective Fisher, who is on the same trail. 


As the episode opens we see a city skyline and sounds of cars and sirens. Then Kirsten is shown walking into her house, and when she goes in Camille is setting dinner on the table. When Kirsten asks where her stuff is, Camille tells her that she put it back in her room and that she isn't kicking Kirsten out anymore. Camille then asks if they stopped the
bomber and Kirsten tells her that they saved UC Santa Monica's library from being turned into a crater. Kirsten tells Camille that she is getting stitched into another person tomorrow. After Kirsten asks what Camille is doing, Camille tells Kirsten that she felt bad and she was trying to make up with Kirsten with a "let's be friends dinner." After Kirsten doesn't reply Camille tells her that she is trying to say sorry and Kirsten replies "This is what sorry looks like?" Then Kirsten puts down her wine glass and walks away to her bedroom. Camille then picks up both glasses of wine and says, "and this is what pissed off looks like."

In the Stitchers Lab we see Ed Clark being prepped for the stitch. Kirsten comes in with her black suit. Cameron comes down the stairs and tells Kirsten that he doesn't want to stitch her in because they don't know what went wrong with the last stitch. Kirsten just says that she touched something and saw stuff. Linus then says, "Yeah, stitch happens," and laughs, then leaves when no one else finds it funny. Cameron tells Kirsten that she shouldnt be able to touch stuff because she is in someone's memory. Kirsten asks if she broke his "super secret technology" at which Cameron replies, "Maybe." Linus tells Kirsten that when she was last stitched all the monitors went crazy. Cameron says he needs to understand what happened and why touching an intangible object made the computer's "panties in a twist." Kirsten asks how much longer they have to stitch, and Linus tells her that they have 48 hours left to stitch into the sample. Kirsten tells him that "the sample" has a name, Ed Clark. Cameron tells her that he wants her to be safe, and Kirsten asks if it's because he thinks what happened to Marta will happen to her. Cameron says that he doesn't know and Kirsten says until he knows whether it will hurt her she is going in. She tells him that Ed raised her and she needs to know how he really died. As they are about to start the stitch, Maggie comes in and says that Ed can wait and that something has come up.

Maggie then tells the group about Lisa Keller, the person they are stitching into instead of Ed. Lisa died of an overdose of a Colombian drug called Burundanga or "The Devil's Breath." She tells them that it is the scariest drug on the planet, as it makes you do things you wouldn't do at small dosages, but, if you take a large amount, it causes disorientation, hallucinations, and death. Kirsten is mad that she had to stop stitching into Ed for a drug investigation, and Maggie tells Kirsten that they are just trying to keep a horrible drug off the streets. Kirsten tells Maggie that Ed's memories only have 2 days while Lisa's have 4. Maggie isn't budging and tells her that they can stitch into Ed if there is still time after they find out what happened to Lisa.

At the Police Department, Detective Fisher is looking into Kirsten's file and telling his Captain about how there is something up with Kirsten. After arguing with his Captain he gets a new case, the case of Lisa Keller. They believe that she overdosed at a rave. As the Captain is leaving he tells Fisher to let go of the Kirsten Clark thing. Fisher calls someone to get the toxicology report on Lisa Keller -- and then they say that they can't find her body.

At the morgue, Fisher is mad about them misplacing Lisa Keller's body. The doctor tells Fisher that it isn't a big deal and that it's just like losing your car keys. She pulls out what is supposed to be the body of Lisa Keller, only to reveal an old man. She tells Fisher that if he gives her a few days that she will find Lisa Keller. Detective Fisher tells her that he is going to question the rave promoter and will back in a couple hours. As he leaves, the doctor pulls out her phone to call someone, and when they answer, she says, "We may have a problem."

Back at the Stitchers Lab, they are getting ready to stich into Lisa Keller. Kirsten comes in and seems like she is trying to rush, and explains that she really wants to get into Ed. Cameron tells Kirsten that it is unclear how the drugs will affect the memory mapping. Kirsten asks if she should be worried and Cameron says she will find out. The Stitch begins and Kirsten is at a rave with very loud music and people dancing all around her. Everything is very blurry and she can't make out much. Kirsten sees a guy who she thinks is in charge and a girl who she feels Lisa knows, named Denise. Lisa was trying to get Denise to leave with her; when Denise turns around, she has a monster face. As Kirsten looks around, she finds other people have monster faces, too, and that the drug is causing this hallucination. Her vitals start to go up and they have passed the two minute mark, so they can't bounce her. Cameron asks Kirsten to please try to get her vitals down. As Kirsten touches something, she sees a photographer taking pictures and someone stuffing drugs into Lisa Keller's mouth. Kirsten then bounces out of the stitch. Kirsten tells Maggie and Cameron that Lisa OD'd, but it was murder.

Back in the meeting room, they are going over what happened. Kirsten tells them that she felt Lisa felt like protecting Denise and that's what got her killed. Kirsten also tells them that the drugs turn everyone into monsters. We then see a flashback to Kirsten's childhood: Ed is looking under her bed and Young Kirsten looks very scared. Kirsten then asks to stitch into Ed and Maggie says that they have to conclude Lisa's investigation first. She can't stitch back into Lisa because of the Absolute Refractory Period, which is 5 to 12 hours. Kirsten asks if she can go home and rest and Cameron asks if she needs a ride, which Kirsten agrees to, if they make a stop on the way.

Kirsten and Cameron pull into where the rave was. When Cameron says that they need to work together as a team Kirsten tells him that she is only doing this to see what happened to Ed and then she is leaving. After apologizing for being rude Kirsten says that being in the place might help her remember better.

As they enter the building they see a man yelling at someone. Kirsten walks over and asks who killed Lisa Keller. The man says he doesn't know because he runs a business and dead kids can't come to raves. When Kirsten asks about the cameraman, Raff, the owner says he is mean. A big man comes and throws Kirsten and Cameron out.

After leaving Kirsten tries to apologize and realizes she doesn't know how to, which Cameron makes fun of. Cameron is worried about what Maggie is going to do when Detective Fisher drives up. He asks what they are doing there and asks if its a mission jokingly. Kirsten then walks away after Fisher asks about Lisa Keller. Cameron and Kirsten get in the car and discuss Raff and how they are going to find him.

Kirsten and Cameron go to Kirsten's house and are planning on going to the rave. Camille interjects and says that she wants to come and help translate from "rave" to "noob." Kirsten agrees that it's a good idea. Cameron says he needs a wingman then gets an idea. Back at the stitchers lab Cameron invites Linus to the rave. Maggie comes over and says that everyone has to be back in 4 hours and 59 minutes.

At Kirstens house Camille and Kirsten are getting ready. Kirsten is dressing very formally and Camille decides to help her out. 

At the rave Cameron and Linus see Camille and Kirsten walk up and walk over. Camille and Linus go off to dance together and Kirsten and Cameron follow them inside. Inside there is a lot of people and loud music. They are looking arounf to trying to find something. Kirsten is looking arround and Cameron is worrted about her looking like a cop so he makes her dance. While dancing Kirsten sees Denise.

Kirsten and Cameron approach Denise and ask about Lisa when Raff walks up. Raff asks why they are talking to his girlfriend. Kirsten tries to get Denise to leave with her but Raff stops them and pulls out his knife. Raff takes Denise and Kirsten and Cameron follow them. Linus and Camille catch up and the man who kicked them out earlier is there. Camille tasers him to get him out of the way of the door. They walk in the door that Raff and Denise went into.

The door leads to outside and they start to search when Fisher interupts them. He tells them to get on the ground.  Kirsten tells Fisher about ehat they are doing and The Stitchers Program. Fisher tells them to get up and they take Fisher to the Stitchers Lab.

Maggie comes out of her office very mad. Fisher says he was going to arrest them but Kirsten offere to show him the lab. Kirsten exaplins by saying that they will keep doing fieldwork and Fisher can help them because he is in the LAPD. Maggie then yells at Camille because she thought she told them about her part in the program which she hadn't yet. Kirsten walks away angry and Fisher goes with Maggie. 

Kirsten is very mad at Camille saying that she lied. Camille tells her everything about how they made her and offer to pay all her expenses if she just looked after Kirsten. She also said that they made her accuse Kirsten of messing up research to get suspensed. Kirsten gets mad and walked away.

In Maggie's office Fisher and Maggie talk about what Fisher is going to do. Maggie tries to recruit Fisher and tells him that Kirsten needs to have backup when she does fieldwork. Fisher agrees and Linus tells them that they can stitch into Lisa Keller again. 

The stitch begins and Kirsten is at the rave again. The drugs are still in until Linus cancels them out. Cameron turns down the music and Denise says that Raff has a big score coming. Kirsten is then transported into a room and Lisa is very mad telling Raff that she knows about his big score. The bodyguard grabs Lisa and Raff stuffs drugs into her mouth and says "sweet dreams." After seeing a bunch of images Kirsten bounces and tells them where to find the drugs. Maggie says that they need a warrant from Fisher and Kirsten says welcome.

At a old warehouse, Raff is trying to sell his drugs to people. Denise is crying on the couch and Raff walks over and gets mad. Denise says she doesn't want to deal with drugs. Detective Fisher comes in with his gun. As he tackles Raff Kirsten comes in and comforts Denise. Cameron tries to get into his computer to find out where the drugs are coming from but it has a password. Camille comes in with her taser and tases Raff. 

Back at the stitchers lab Kirsten is ready to stitch into Ed. Linus tells her that it is too late to stitch into Ed. Kirsten seems very upset  and goes up to Maggie's office. She accuses Maggie of bringing in the Keller case to stop her stitching into Ed's memory. Kirten asks if there is something Maggie knows that she doesn't want Kirsten to see. Maggie walks outside the office and tells Kirsten that everything Ed owns will be at her place and she can try to find out what happened that way. Maggie tells them that there are monsters everywhere. The flashback starts again and Ed says there are no monsters under Young Kirsten's bed because monsters aren't real. Kirsten then looks at Maggie and says "well i never did like monsters." 

At a hosptial, Cameron is going to visit a patient. He takes away the old flowers and gives new ones. The patient is Marta Rodriguez. It shows her in the stitchers lab having a seizure. Cameron walks out and throws away the old flowers.



Title and Background

"Friends in Low Places" is a song by Garth Brooks released in 1990.

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Nick D' & the Believers “My Way Home”
Pet Lions “Fifteen”
Clockwork “Champion (Original Mix)”
Ookay & Riggi & Piros "Dafuq"
Atari Teenage Riot "Black Flags (Muffler Remix)"
Terravita "Well Oiled Machine"
The Fleeting Ends "Little People"
Zaza "Garmiani"


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Kirsten [to Cameron]: How do I do this? Say I'm sorry, we shake hands?
Cameron [to Kirsten]: Oh! You really don't know how to apologize, do you?
Kirsten [to Cameron]: No. It's really not one of my skills.

Maggie: Look at her because I need you to understand, all of you, what you did here today, where would Denise be without the stitchers program? Kirsten, you gave Lisa Keller back her voice, even if only for a short time, to finish what she started. You know those monsters that you saw in her memory? Well, there are monsters everywhere and with this technology, we can stop them.

Detective Fisher: All of you face down on the ground now.
Linus [to Detective Fisher]: Come on man is my best kurta.
Detective Fisher: Now. You play football, Miss Clark? I do. Touchdown.
Kirsten [to Detective Fisher]: We're investigating the death of Lisa Kelller.
Cameron [to Kirsten]: Please stop talking.
Kirsten [to Detective Fisher]: She didn't O.D. She was murdered.
Detective Fisher [to Kirsten]: And how do you know this?
Kirsten [to Detective Fisher]: Because we hacked into her brain after she died and read her memories. It's called "stitching."
Cameron [to Kirsten]: Is there anyone is Los Angeles you haven't told about us?



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