Jacqueline Stinger
Biographical information
Full name: Jacqueline Adele Stinger
Status: Alive
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Co-creater of Stitcher's Technology
Affiliation: Former Member of Stitcher's program
Other information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Brown
Marital status: Married to Daniel Stinger
Family: Daniel Stinger (husband)
Kirsten Clark (daughter)
Series information
Portrayed by: Molly Meyer
Season/s: 1, 2
First appearance: Full Stop
Latest appearance: Maternis
Appearance count: 3

Jacqueline Stinger is Kirsten's mother. She is portrayed by Molly Meyer.


Jacqueline Stinger was one of the original creators of the algorithm that allowed for stitching and along with her husband Dr. Stinger, and her friend Ed Clark, created the initial technology now employed by The Stitcher Lab. She was grievously injured in a car accident when Kirsten was very young, leaving her in a coma. Her husband attempted to use the new technology to restore her mind by stitching Kirsten into her mother's mind. However, he was unaware of the consequences of attempting to stitch into the consciousness of a live person, and it ended up killing his wife and leaving Kirsten suffering from Temporal Dysplasia.

Physical Appearance

She is an attractive woman with blonde hair and a kind face.


Season 1: 1/11

  • Connection - She is seen in a photograph standing next to Ed Clark.
  • Finally - A photo of her is affixed on her resting place in the columbarium.
  • Full Stop - After stitching into Robert Barbiero, Kirsten wanders into a memory where she sees her younger self drawing a picture with her mother by her side.

Season 2: 1/10

Appearances 2/21


  • Maggie Baptiste: She was friends with both Ed Clark and Maggie, as evidenced by the other side of the torn photograph.
  • Daniel Stinger: Was her husband until her death.
  • Ed Clark: Ed worked with Jacqueline on the earliest part of the stitcher's technology.


  • Her current whereabouts are unknown.

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