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Liam Granger
Biographical information
Birthplace: Not England
Status: Deceased
Manner of Death: Gunshot
Died: The Guest
Age: 20's
Residence: 986 Baxter St, Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA 90085 (former)
Occupation: Anthropologist (assumed)
Affiliation: Kirsten Clark (a ruse)
Other information
Nickname: Lance (by Cameron Goodkin)
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brunette
Eye color: Brown
Boss: Daniel Stinger
Enemies: Cameron Goodkin
Marital status: Single as of Future Tense
Significant Other/s: Kirsten Clark (ex-girlfriend; proposed)
Camille Engelson (kissed, possibly-one-sided)
Series information
Portrayed by: Jack Turner
Season/s: 1, 2
First appearance: The Root of All Evil
Latest appearance: All In
Appearance count: 9

Liam Granger was a recurring character first introduced in The Root of All Evil as a boyfriend to Kirsten Clark.

He was portrayed by Jack Turner.


Liam Granger,  was somewhere in his 20's, looked like a male model, and was Kirsten's boyfriend prior to the start of the series, but they broke up in Future Tense. He worked overseas, building homes in villages, working with elders, and had received awards for his efforts. He showed up at the beginning of Finally, happy to find that he could pick things up right where they'd left off due to Kirsten's temporal dysplasia. He proposed at the end of The Root of All Evil. He became increasingly unhappy with not getting straight answers from Kirsten - about her job or his marriage proposal. In Future Tense, he was offered another overseas position and Kirsten said she couldn't marry him. He left, making a call to, presumably, Kirsten's father, asking what "Plan B" is now that she'd turned him down. They talk on the phone and the person on the side of the phone conversation, tells him that he and Kristen are not engaged but separated. The man told him to stay in town for a longer period of time for some task to do.

Maggie ordered Camille to attend the same gym as Liam in an effort to strike up a relationship with Liam and get information about Daniel Stinger. At one point he broke into Kirsten's House and took pictures of Kirsten's wall equations. Eventually Kirsten caught them kissing and assumed the worst. Eventually Maggie told Kirsten the truth. Camille offered to back off from Liam if that is what Kirsten wanted, Kirsten wanted to be the one to get the information out of Liam. Kirsten bluntly told him that she knows he works for Daniel and demands to know where to find him. Liam later called to tell Kirsten he would tell her everything about her father if he met her at a location he would text her. Unfortunately for him and Kirsten, he was murdered before he could reveal the truth.

Physical Appearance

He is on the tall side, and physically fit.

Appearances:  9/21

Season 1 3/11

Season 2 :6/10



  • His interests  included: Cultural Anthropology, Cooking and Running (revealed in Finally).
  • He lived in Peru for a while and then in a Yurt in Southeast Asia.
  • During the Stitch into his memories in All In, it is revealed his British accent is fake.


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