Linda Edwards
Biographical information
Full name: Linda Edwards
Status: Alive
Other information
Nickname: Ellie

L.E. (by herself)

Gender: Female
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5′8
Series information
Portrayed by: Cassidy Freeman
Season/s: 2
First appearance: Hack Me If You Can
Latest appearance: The One That Got Away
Appearance count: 2
Linda Edwards is a character that first made an appearance in the Stitchers episode, "Hack Me If You Can." She was formerly married to Derek Steelman, who was also a skilled hacker, until she caught him cheating on her with another woman, and doing so by using She then hacked into Derek's insulin pump and killed him.









After Kirsten and Cameron are looking into Derek's murder, Kirsten gets a blocked phone call from someone who they believe may have been involved in Derek's murder, she gives Kirsten some clues, including saying she hates cheaters. She then says her name is Ellie. Later, Kirsten stitches into Derek's brain and finds that he cheated on Ellie with another woman. Ellie continues calling Kirsten, but this time while in the Stitchers lab, can't find where Kirsten is and says she's off the "usual cell network". Linus then discovers that Ellie may be in fact a woman named Linda Edwards, and instead of "Ellie", she's "L.E.". Kirsten finds her address and they visit her, with Maggie stopping the elevators to find her. Linda then comes out of the elevator in a wheelchair. Linda is then taken to the NSA questioning room in the Stitchers Lab, and admits she didn't know Kirsten was with the NSA. Kirsten responds in saying she thought Linda knew everything about her. Linda then opens up and says how every friend she ever had either betrayed her or left. Kirsten comes to the conclusion that Linda only ever wanted a friend. Linda asks Kirsten how she "beat her" at the game, and Kirsten says she cheated, and that she has access to technology that gave her an advantage. Linda stops her and says that wasn't it, and that Kirsten found her because she didn't really want to disappear. The exchange ends with Kirsten asking about "someone who did want to disappear". Linda asks if it's her father, and Kirsten nods.


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