The Stitchers Program destroys people. It almost killed me!

Martha Rodriguez030
Marta Rodriguez
Biographical information
Full name: Marta Rodriguez
Status: Deceased
Manner of Death: Went out with a weapon and allowed herself to be shot at
Age: 20's
Occupation: Former Member of the Stitchers Program
Other information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'8
Boss: Maggie Baptiste (former)
Significant Other/s: Cameron Goodkin (flirtation)
Series information
Portrayed by: Tiffany Hines
Season/s: 1
First appearance: Friends in Low Places
Latest appearance: A Stitcher in the Rye
Appearance count: 4
Marta Rodriguez was a former member of the Stitchers Program, but she had trouble separating her emotions from the subject's emotions.


She was in her 20s and a former member of the Stitchers program until something went wrong in the tank. She was replaced by Kirsten Clark. Marta was in a coma for several months, but woke up at the end of I See You. She checked herself out of the hospital and tried to bring the program down in A Stitcher in the Rye as revenge for what happened to her and to insure it wouldn't happen to anyone else. She tracked Kirsten down and tried to help her escape, when Les Turner called her and told her to give herself up. Gun in hand, she walked out of Kirsten's House and was brought down by LAPD gunfire.

Physical Appearance 

Marta is African American and has black hair and brown eyes. 


Friends in Low Places

Marta is first seen as Cameron is visiting an unknown person at the hospital. It is revealed to be Marta, who was mentioned earlier in the episode and that something had happened to her during a stitch. There is a brief flashback of Marta in the fish tank undergoing a seizure with alarm bells and light flashing. She was still in a coma by this episode.


Marta is again seen lying in a coma in this episode, again visited by Cameron, who seems to share some connection with her stronger than just being colleagues. Maggie comes by to pull him out of his downward spiral after helping him to realize that Kirsten is not Marta, and won't suffer the same fate in his hands. At the end of the episode, Marta wakes up from her coma.

I See You

Marta is seen in a flashback that shows her seizure while undergoing a stitch. Cameron later shows the video footage of the incident to Kirsten to not only show her what happened, but also to reveal his fears of something similar happening to Kirsten.

Appearances: 4/11

Season 1


  • Cameron Goodkin - Cameron is a former co-worker of Marta's who seems to have a close relationship with her. He often visited her in the hospital, and felt guilty about what happened to her during a stitch that went wrong.It's revealed in I See You, that she and Cameron had a bit of a flirtation going on until her coma.


  • Upon waking up from her coma, she was trying to kill Maggie and was the one responsible for leaking the stitcher programming algorithm.
  • Her specialty is Cryptography.
  • What makes her "death" interesting is that we don't see a body, as she's presumably kill offscreen; furthermore, her "remains" are left out and the team cannot investigate her death because they can't stitch into her.
  • In a chat with us,  Jeffrey Alan Schechter, the  series' creator said that originally Midnight Stitcher was going to include this character but ultimately decided against this notion.


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