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I'm the founder of this wiki, so if you have any new ideas or concerns, let me know!
Also, if you would like to talk more private, leave me a message.


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  • After the finale, I was inspired to make a new background for the wiki, and so I did! Please take a look and tell me what you think! :)

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  • I would like to affiliate myself with your wiki since it's also a Freeform show.

    Would you be interested? :)

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  • Hey! So, I don't know if you have already heard, but a new show called "Guilt" on Freeform will be premiering on Monday June 13, 2016 at 9/8c! Here is a little description of Guilt as well as the promo (here) if you care to take a look:


    “Guilt” is an edgy, soapy thriller that revolves around an American in London who becomes the prime suspect in the savage murder of her roommate. As the investigation unfolds, the viewers will question whether she's a naive, young girl whose poor decisions are being magnified under the ruthless glare of the British tabloids, or whether she's a sociopath who brutally murdered her friend.

    Anyway, in the spirit of this new series(which has been renewed for a full first season!), I have created a Guilt Wiki! It currently has all the up to date information on the series and all of the confirmed episodes and characters, even locations! :)

    We are also looking for new admins to join the team so if you're interested, please let me know and I can add you! And we are also looking for just new contributors to help out and grow the wiki!

    Thanks and hope to see you there!

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  • Hey <3

    I recently made a request to the Community Development Team about my Gossip Girl Wiki and was wondering  if maybe we should make a request for here?  I've noticed our background is a little bit off on larger/wider screens & repeats twice in an odd manner. Here are some examples of work that the Com Dev team has made...I think they've done work on ur Orphan Black Wiki as well if I'm not mistaken? :P

    P.S. I started a poll and highlighted it about the name for Stitchers fans

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    • I watch it on Netflix UK through ProxMate actually :P <3 The Neoloution worm is interesting and scary! Poor Kira and Sarah

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    • Hey, over on Orphan Black could you update the LEDA and CASTOR Clones tabs? Like for LEDA, add M.K. and Krystal since they are  more important than say a Tony. And for Castor, if there's space, add Ira, if there isn't just remove one of them to put him in there. Does that make sense??

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    • A FANDOM user
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    Tyson and his buddy want me to affiliate with them

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  • Hey, I was wondering if Camus is really the best fit for their relationship.

    It can be easily confused for a pairing with Cameron, or the friendship of Cameron/Linus.

    I think something like Linille would be better for Camille/Linus

    Do you agree?

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    • idk,  I don't mind really since Cameron/Linus don't go by Camus but by Science Bros or Men of Science. :P You could ask Erik about it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey, I was wondering if a roleplay wiki I run could use the Infobox Pairing template? We were looking at templates on wikis, and that is one of the templates that sparked interest. It looks useful, especially for roleplay. That is all I have to say, and have a nice day!

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  • Hi there,

    I would like to apologise for how I acted with the hole fan fiction of my wikia. Plus I would also like to apologise for not asking your permission to affiliate with Pretty Little Liars Wikia. I didn't mean no disrespect. I just think that I thought that you wouldn't mind me doing this, because I like how you and the other admin done with the Pretty Little Liars wikia. Like with the setting of it is awesome and they way it runs is also great.

    I am writing you this letter as a sign of my apologise for how I acted, they were selfish and also quite insulting. Like I did it without your permission which is quite frankly wrong. I should have asked your permission along with the other admins of the wikia. As I am re-doing my wikia up, so I am deleting the affliation page and make it one where you can references to. Like an link to other wikia that I will be basing my fan fictions upon.

    It actually annoys me that I hurt one of my friends here on wikia, like I class you as a dear friend of mine on here and I haven't met you yet, because I can tell you and I will be friends for life. I am also annoyed that I spoilt our friendship. So as of today one of my new year resolutions here on wikia, is to help out as many of my friends here on wikia. Because I haven't been helping out as much as I should have.

    Due to this, I will be rethinking a lot of stuff I did in the past. Like with the whole editing thing, that is why I am asking you to help me out with this. I would like you to mentor me on the wikia and as well as on Pretty Little Lairs wikia. That is how I can be a proper editor with guidance from awesome admins like yourself. Because I am willing to learn from you and the admins on both wikias.

    So I am sorry for how I acted and I am sorry for how rudely I acted with out asking permission. So please forgive me. I am extremely sorry!

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  • Hey, I know we refrain from uploading fan made photoshops and things of that nature, but I just stumbled across this video and it was pretty good, and by pretty good, I mean I teared up and near balled my eyes out!  If you have some time this weekend, check it out,

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    • It's very good, and be sure to tell me what you think about it afterwords :)

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    • Will do! :P Hey, since now we have the name of the season 2 premiere.... Do you think we should update the main page accordingly? By the way, I also sent you two new emails last nights?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey I had a question about how you would like information displayed on the wiki for a character's episode synopsis. 

    Young Kirsten has her information in a tabber box similiar to what we have on PLL.  The TVD Wiki has their episode information in a series of scroll boxes Check out Niklaus Mikaelson for an example of that. 

    Tabbers are useful for displaying many seasons worth of information in a small area, and scrolls are able to contain a wealth of information without making the physical article page very long.  We currently have neither multiple seasons of information, nor nearly the same breadth of information as TVD to convey but I'd still like your input if you had a preference to a certain style when it comes to formatting and presenting the information we'll be adding to all the character pages. :)

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