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Biographical information
Status: Alive
Occupation: Comic store employee
Other information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Marital status: Single
Significant Other/s: Cameron Goodkin (ex-boyfriend)
Series information
Portrayed by: Jasmin Savoy Brown
Season/s: 2
First appearance: The Two Deaths of Jamie B
Appearance count: 6

Nina is a character that makes her first appearance in The Two Deaths of Jamie B. She was dating Cameron Goodkin, and is portrayed by Jasmin Savoy Brown. She broke up with Goodkin after she waited on him for three days.


The Two Deaths of Jamie B

She meets Cameron outside of the comic book store she works at, where they both freak out about a comic book that Cameron likes. She then delivers a special issue to Cameron's door as a surprise, which results in Cameron asking her out for dinner.

Midnight Stitcher

Nina and Cameron are sitting on the couch playing video games on the television, and Cameron and Nina share a kiss.

The Dying Shame

Nina and Cameron spend a romantic all-nighter together, chatting about comic books, video games, and other things. Cameron then heads off to the lab.

Pretty Little Lawyers

Nina and Cameron spend the morning together, and joke about how Nina must have deliberately restocked the comic books when they met in order to talk to Cameron, but Nina keeps denying this, much to Cameron's enjoyment. Cameron has to leave on short notice for work at the lab, and this makes Nina a little bit unhappy but they reschedule breakfast for dinner that night. However, things don't go as planned when Cameron is then forced to cancel their dinner plans together after he doesn't want to leave Kirsten and Linus to work on the murder investigation alone.

Red Eye

Still unbeknownst to the fact of Cameron working at the Stitcher Program, Nina tries to convince him to be late for work, saying "video games can wait". He makes arrangements for dinner plans with her. However, plans fall through when Cameron is busy at the lab, and Kirsten accidentally answers his phone. Cameron then gets home late and, seeing the beautiful dinner set up, texts her and requests a breakfast apology. She quickly replies with a cold "no thanks".