This page provides summary details of the perpetrators whose murders were exposed thanks to The Stitchers Program. As of "When Darkness Falls", there have a total of 14 criminals in which Kirsten Clark helped Quincy Fisher to arrest.

Image Name Type of Crime Episode
Peter Brandt02 Peter Brandt Bomb Maker 01 1.01
Peter Brandt was both the perpetrator and victim of his bomb-making retaliation plans against those who he felt had robbed Julie Malarek of her life after her work had already been stolen. His motives were exposed as the bomber after his memories were stitched to discover the locations of other bombs and future loss of live was prevented.
Stitchers1.02-2015-06-12-15h13m43s221 Raff Overdosing Victim 2 1.02
Raff is an unofficial club photographer and drug dealer that killed Lisa Keller by making her overdose on a large quantity of a new dangerous street drung he is looking to import into the city. Lisa was killed for her efforts to save Raff's girlfriend Denise from a life on the streets.
Stitchers1.03-259 Cab Driver Accomplice of Mugger 03 1.03
The cab driver was part of a mugging scheme at a hotel. The driver would drop off the victims at the boardwalk to be robbed later by his accomplice. He was given his targets by Michelle who worked as a concierge at the hotel.
Stitchers1.03-367 Michelle Girlfriend/Accomplice of Mugger 03 1.03
Michelle was the girlfriend of the mugger and part of the ring to rob wealthy guests of the hotel she worked at. She would call the cab driver to pick up the guests who would take them someplace to be robbed of their jewelry. The robbery of Lilly Ross ended in murder.
Stitchers1.03-006 Name Here Mugger 03 1.03
Lilly Ross was killed during a robbery on the boardwalk, part of a

series of such crimes, but the first ending in a fatality. She had been too slow to hand over her jewelry and was shot by the boyfriend of Michelle, a concierge at the hotel Lilly was staying.

Stitchers1.04-360 Human Trafficker Shooter 04 1.04
Robbie Peterson died from a gunshot from an unknown assailant, initially believed to be targeting Cameron, but was due to witnessing criminal activity though his voyeuristic spying of the apartments across the street. A stakeout revealed that none of recipients of Robbie's spying were responsible for his death. He was murdered because he saw the driver of a van in the middle of a human trafficking operation, coordinated by the owner of a shop below the apartments.
6.06-142 George Adler Tampering with Car 06 1.06
George Adler is the assistant to Dr. Sebastian Zuber. He knew the test results from Zuber's research trials were tampered with to reflect higher results in an effort to secure grant money for more research. When Dani Fox suspected the results were doctored, George, along with Zuber conspired to rig Dani's car to crash itself when she was driving to make it appear as if the car malfunctioned.
6.06-158 Sebastian Zuber Tampering with Car 06 1.06
Dani Fox was a researcher working with Dr. Sebastian Zuber. She died after slamming her car into a concrete wall. There wasn't any indication of mechanical failure, but her memories helped prove her car had been tampered with. Kirsten searches for answers at Dani's work pretending to be a potential patient for Dani and Dr. Zuber's experimental work on memory retrieval. Dani was killed when she started to suspect that the test results for earlier trials was higher than expected, in an attempt by Zuber to get more grant money. His research assistant, George Adler is also complicit in Dani's death.
Stitchers1.07-141 Suzanne Parks Pushed Victim to her Death 07 1.07
Suzanne Parks killed Brenda Miller by pushing her off a cliff after getting in a fight with her over Brenda blackmailing her about an affair Suzanne had while her husband was out of town. Suzanne then framed her husband for the murder to make it appear as if he was the one that had cheated and was being blackmailed.
Anna Barmul Anna Barmul Suicide 08 1.08
Anna Barmul was a doctor of epidemiology at the World Wide Health Alliance, who was thought to have committed suicide, due to how she was found, and having left a note on how to handle her remains. She had actually injected herself with a mutated strain of Spanish Flu in order to test a cure on herself. The cure needed heat to activate, but she learned that too late to save herself, making her the perpetrator.
1.09-208 Mia Bludgeoned Victim to Death 09 1.09
Mia killed Vanessa, a TV psychic with a geode because Vanessa foresaw her plan to torch Rick Hauser's studio down.
1.09-145 Rick Hauser Strangulation 9 1.09
Rick Hauser stopped Mia from setting fire to his studio but was caught attempting to strangle her by Kirsten and Cameron.
1.10m-00001 Robert Barbiero Gunman 10 1.10
Robert Barbiero was the man following Kirsten around when she was investigating crimes. He appears to be acting on someone's orders to protect her, but his last order was to shoot Quincy Fisher. He entered the restaurant and shot Fisher. He was later found dead by Maggie Baptiste but his murder remains unsolved.
1.11-501 Gavin Landry Kidnapper, Fratricide 11 1.11
Gavin Landry is the identical twin brother of Devon Landry, who killed him and staged a suicide in order to cover up his own crime of kidnapping Kelli Marino, a girl that Devon liked. Kelli was kidnapped because she was a threat to the bond between the brothers. Gavin was caught after Kirsten knocked him out while rescuing herself and Camille.
Linda Edwards Hacker 2 2.02
Linda Edwards was married to Derek Steelman before she found him cheating on her. Later that same day, she got a a car accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down. It took her 14 months to get her version of justice, but she eventually kiilled Derek Steelman by hacking into his insulin pump. She then led the team on a wild goose chase to find her and terrorized them as they did so.
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