Robert Barbiero
Biographical information
Full name: Robert Barbiero
Status: Deceased
Manner of Death: Shot in Full Stop
Occupation: Following around Kirsten Clark (by orders of someone else)

Previously a security guard in the Stitchers program

Other information
Nickname: Man Following Around Kirsten Clark
Gender: Male
Hair color: Gray
Eye color: Light Brown
Height: 5'9
Boss: Maggie Baptiste
Family: Unknown
Series information
Portrayed by: Henry Rollins
Season/s: 1
First appearance: A Stitch in Time
Latest appearance: Full Stop
Appearance count: 7


Physical Appearance

He's about in his late 40s' through early 50s'. He is 5'9, average man.


Appearances: 7/21

Season 1: 7/10



  • Has been seen following Kirsten Clark and seemingly blends into the background and he is always going backwards slowly, and you can never see his face.
  • Shot Detective Fisher and Cameron at a restaurant.
  • He used to work at the Stitcher Program as a security guard.
  • He is always there before something happens with Kirsten and her work at Stitchers. He is also wearing the same clothes for the  episodes he's been seen in.
  • A man in a wheelchair appears in the line of the food truck in A Stitcher in the Rye along with other customers, including Marta. Kirsten was not actually at the scene, but she saw it when she stitched into Justin Lange.
  • His identity appears to be revealed in the Season 1 finale episode Full Stop.

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