The truth will set you free.
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Season 3
Season 3 | Number of Episodes: 10
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Premiere Airdate June 5th, 2017
Finale Airdate August 14th, 2017
Slogan "The truth will set you free."
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On October 6th, 2016, Freeform renewed STITCHERS for a third season, which was announced by Karey Burke, executive vice president of Programming and Development.

"'Stitchers' passionate fanbase has been vocal about wanting to see more of this show, and we listened," said Burke.
"'Stitchers' has proven itself a consistently strong performer, and we're proud of the fact that it celebrates #smartgirls everywhere."
Among Adults 18-49, "Stitchers" is Freeform's No. 2 new series of the past two seasons behind only "Shadowhunters" and is the network's No. 3 original series across digital platforms behind only "Pretty Little Liars" and "Shadowhunters."


On the upcoming third season of Stitchers, Kirsten and the STITCHERS team hack into the minds of the recently deceased to investigate diverse and unusual cases spanning from international relations to within their own families. New relationships will develop while others will end, and the true purpose of the STITCHERS program will be revealed. "Stitchers" is executive produced by Jeffrey Alan Schechter, Jonathan Baruch and Rob Wolken. The series stars Emma Ishta, Kyle Harris, Ritesh Rajan, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Allison Scagliotti and Damon Dayoub. "Stitchers" will return for its third season on MONDAY, JUNE 5, at 9:00 p.m. EDT.


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Image Title Original Airdate Episode
Out of the Shadows (28)
Out of the Shadows June 5, 2017 1 1
As the Stitchers team prepares to be reassigned for breaking protocol, NSA Director Mitchell Blair surprises everyone by demanding an emergency stitch that yields shocking new information.
For Love or Money June 12th, 2017 02 3.02
The Stitchers team investigates the case of a young woman found dead in her wealthy boyfriend’s pool. Meanwhile, Linus feels a connection to Ivy, Cameron has growing concern for Kirsten’s emotional vulnerability and Camille is intrigued by an attractive medical examiner (guest star Anna Akana, “Miss 2059”) who likes to meet in unusual places.
Perfect (22)
Perfect June 19th, 2017 03 3.03
A high-profile divorce attorney is murdered and the Stitchers team must sort through a plethora of suspects. Meanwhile, Linus discovers the cause of the neurosync issues in the stitches, which directly affects Kirsten and Cameron.
Stitchers Mind Palace (2)
Mind Palace June 26th, 2017 04 3.04
When an MI6 agent is found dead, Kirsten struggles to sort through his memories due to the visual codes that the spy used to keep secrets. Meanwhile, Linus and Camille go on a double date, but not with each other.
Paternis (2)
Paternis July 10th, 2017 05 3.05
Kirsten goes against protocol and stitches into a dead guard's memory when Cameron's imprisoned father becomes accused of murder.
The Gremlin (14)
The Gremlin and the Fixer July 17th, 2017 06 3.06
Kirsten and the team uncover an underground gaming club after an engineer ends up dead; the team must juggle saving a falling satellite while Cameron infiltrates the gaming ring.
Just The Two (4)
Just the Two of Us July 24th, 2017 07 3.07
Kirsten becomes stuck inside an autistic man with unique empathetic abilities; she must confront her emotions about her relationship with Cameron and unlock a memory in the victim's mind to bounce back to reality.
Dreamland (34)
Dreamland July 29th, 2017 08 3.08
The investigation into a murdered ex-Air Force officer leads the team to a former co-worker renowned UFO expert; the memories in the stitch have the team wondering if UFOs and extraterrestrial beings exist.
Kill It Forward 309 (1)
Kill It Forward August 7, 2017 09 3.09
A professional volleyball player's murder prompts the Stitchers team to search the darkest corners of the Internet and discover an online "kill it forward" service that allows you to trade murder services; Kirsten gives Maggie an ultimatum about working with the Stitchers program without access to her mother.
Maternis (16)
Maternis August 14, 2017 10 3.10
In the summer finale, all your burning questions will be answered when Kirsten’s father Daniel Stinger shows up and Kirsten must perform the most important stitch of her life to save her mother, once and for all.


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