is the process of inserting a living consciousness into the memories of a recently deceased person. By invading those memories, the living person can recreate the corpse’s last moments. When a new sample is brought in, their memories are mapped. Those with stronger synaptic connections typically mean those memories are emotionally charged, which would be especially true in the moments just prior to death. 

However, other memories tied to strong emotions can also remain vital after death, and can pull the living consciousness into those memories as well. Thus, only certain people meet the strict requirements to be able to safely navigate and interpret the signals of the sample's memories in a useable fashion with Kirsten Clark being the most ideal candidate, who is able to sometimes touch and interact with an Intangible Memory Object while exploring a person's memory. However, it appears that to date, Kristen is the only Stitcher in the Stitchers Program who is able to to do this as others before her, like Marta Rodriguez went a bit insane.



  • A stitch cannot last longer than 5 minutes, or the Stitcher's own consciousness would be lost in the sample's brain synapses. 


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