Temporal Dysplasia is a fictional and uncommon medical condition in the Stitchers universe. It causes the person affected to not feel the passage of time, and only recognize how much time has passed in a day through mathematics and meticulous observation. It also prevents the person from appealing to, or understanding human emotions. However, Kirsten Clark seems to be showing signs of emotion as of 2.0, regardless of her condition.


We first learned that Kirsten has Temporal Dysplasia in "A Stitch In Time," and when Maggie questions her about Ed Clark's death and her condition.

In "Full Stop," we learn that Kirsten's temporal dysplasia is not the result of a car accident or a natural condition, but rather an experiment by her father to stitch into her comatose mother. The experiment failed, killing Kirsten's mother and causing Kirsten's current medical condition. Due to stitching into Cameron's memories, her emotions are jump started once more in Season 2 . 


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