The Stitcher Lab
Location Information
Type Classified Facility
Location Los Angeles, CA
Owner Federal Government

The Stitcher Lab is a secret research facility operated by a division of the NSA. It is located 200 meters underground beneath a Chinese restaurant located in the Chinatown section of Los Angeles, called the Jade Fog.


Access to the Stitcher Lab is through the back of the Jade Fog restaurant via a fingerprint keypad protected elevator that descends 200 feet underground. The main lab area contains the various stations to monitor the stitching process and its participants, including the areas of Engineering, Lifesigns, Communications, and Medical. Key pieces of equipment include the "fish tank" where Kirsten is connected to the stitched individual, and the "corpse cassette" where the bodies that are being stitched into are kept in frozen stasis to preserve their neural activity.

Above the main floor are the director's office, conference room, the computer room containing the quantum computer that runs the facility and enables the stitcher technology to function.


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