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Theo Engelson
Biographical information
Full name: Theo Engelson
Status: Alive
Other information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Light Brown
Eye color: Green
Distinct feature/s: Curly hair
Height: 6'1
Family: Camille Engelson (sister)
Series information
Portrayed by: Logan Paul
Season/s: 2
First appearance: The One That Got Away
Latest appearance: The Two Deaths of Jamie B.
Appearance count: 2

Theo Engelson is Camille's older brother on Stitchers. He is portrayed by Logan Paul.


The One That Got Away

Camille hears sounds in the middle of the night, and awakens Kirsten. She slowly comes into the living room and spots someone, proceeded by kicking him in the groin. They then turn on the light and this person is revealed to be Theo. He then says "Hey Millie", a reference to Camille's childhood nickname. He is shown through the episode as to having a rough relationship with Camille, as she wants no part in him. After a couple of men appear at Camille's doorstep asking for Theo, saying he owes them money, Camille throws Theo out of her house for lying, and being a fraud. He then appears at Linus's door asking for a place to stay, and Linus being naïve, lets him stay over for a while. Linus is convinced that Theo is a good guy, and so he asks Camille to give him a second chance, and come over for dinner. During the dinner, Linus serves a dish to which Theo shrivels his nose and asks for mac n' cheese, but Linus is forgiving and admits it's an accustomed taste. Theo then continues to humiliate and embarrass Camille by telling stories that paint her in an unflattering light, to which Camille responds with disgust and gets up to leave. Theo then calls her a "stuck-up bitch" to which Linus looks him in the face with seething anger and tells him to treat his sister with respect. He then stands up and attempts antagonizes Linus, to which Linus tells him that he wants Theo gone by the time he gets back. Later, when Linus returns to the apartment, it is shown that Theo has snatched his TV screen, as well as other things in his house, but Linus avoids telling Camille during their phone conversation.

The Two Deaths of Jamie B

After Camille finds out about Theo having stolen everything from Linus's apartment, she desperately tries to get in touch with him. After he finally responds to a text, she asks him to meet at her place in an hour. When she arrives, Theo is there playing cards with a dozen other people, and is refusing to listen to her or to leave. When he begins to laugh and say "Who does she think she is?", Camille pulls his head back onto the ground, and holds him down with her heel, proceeding to say "Who do I think I am? I'm NSA bitch." while showing off her badge.

Later, Camille tells Linus she was able to recover everything Theo had stolen, and that she "kicked his ass."

Appearances: 2/21

Season 2: 2/10


  • This is the first time Logan Paul has acted professionally.