​This page provides summary details of the victims whose deaths warranted participation in the Stitchers Program. As of the episode, "When Darkness Falls", there have been a total of 15 confirmed stitches in which Kirsten Clark was a part of.

Case Files

Season 1

Image Name Cause of Death Episode
Peter Brandt02 Peter Brandt Bomb Explosion 01 1.01
Peter Brandt died when his apartment exploded. He had detonated

another bomb already and was thought to have died accidentally while preparing another. His memories were stitched to discover the locations of other bombs given the amount of material it was discovered he had stolen. The stitch revealed he had killed himself intentionally and the motive for the bombings was revenge for the death of his girlfriend who had stolen her life's work.

Ed Clark Table Ed Clark Gunshot 01 1.01
Ed Clark was found dead of an apparent suicide and his case was officially closed by the LAPD, but Kirsten and the agency believe he was murdered. Kirsten was unable to stitch into Ed's memories in time before neural collapse occurred, leaving Ed Clark's murder still a mystery. However, it's revealed in Future Tense that it was not a suicide but was actually killed by Leslie Turner.
Lisa Keller01 Lisa Keller Drug Overdose 02 1.02
Lisa Keller died of an apparent drug overdose of a dangerous new drug hitting the streets. She was the daughter of a federal judge and a social worker. She tried to get her friend Denise away from her drug-dealing photographer boyfriend who turns out to to be the source of the new drug. By overcoming the effects of the drug on Lisa's memories, Kirsten learns that the Denise's boyfriend forced Lisa to overdose.
LillyRoss02 Lilly Ross Robbery Gone Bad 03 1.03
Lilly Ross was killed during a robbery on the boardwalk, part of a

series of such crimes, but the first ending in a fatality. She had been left alone by her newlywed husband, Scott, making him a person of interest, but Kirsten, affected by Lilly's memories of Scott, maintains her belief in his innocence. She was killed for her jewelry as part of a scam by a hotel concierge, her boyfriend, and a hotel driver.

Stitchers1.04-048 Robbie Peterson Gunshot 04 1.04
Robbie Peterson died from a gunshot from an unknown assailant, initially believed to be targeting Cameron, but was due to witnessing criminal activity though his voyeuristic spying of the apartments across the street. A stakeout revealed that none of recipients of Robbie's spying were responsible for his death. He was murdered because he saw the driver of a van in the middle of a human trafficking operation, coordinated by the owner of a shop below the apartments.
Stitchers1.05-021 Justin Lange Heart Attack 05 1.05
Justin Lange was a former CIA agent turned conspiracy theorist and

breakfast truck owner whose blog posts came very close to the truth. He died of a massive heart attack hours before he was to reveal another classified document. Using this opportunity to locate his source, Kirsten learns that the algorithm for stitching had been stolen, causing her to suspect her co-workers. It was later revealed to be Marta Rodriguez who provided the file to Justin, in an attempt to save Kirsten from the program, which she believed served a darker purpose.

6.06-078 Dani Fox Car Crash 06 1.06
Dani Fox was a researcher working with Dr. Sebastian Zuber. She died

after slamming her car into a concrete wall. There wasn't any indication of mechanical failure, but her memories helped prove her car had been tampered with. Kirsten searches for answers at Dani's work pretending to be a potential patient for Dani and Dr. Zuber's experimental work on memory retrieval. Dani was killed when she started to suspect that the test results for earlier trials was higher than expected, in an attempt by Zuber to get more grant money. His research assistant, George Adler is also complicit in Dani's death.

Stitchers1.07-342 Brenda Miller aka"Bentley" Pushed to her Death 07 1.07
Brenda Miller's body was initially identified as a Jane Doe discovered by hikers, whose killer couldn't be found until her identity was discovered. Her memories show her partying at a mansion the team discovers belong to Joe and Suzanne Parks. Brenda was obsessed with the rich lifestyle and would steal jewelry from houses she broke into, thanks to her friend Sadie Morgan, who would inform Brenda when the owners were away at her high-end spa. Further stitching revealed that Brenda witnessed, then attempted to blackmail Joe Parks over an affair. Her killer was actually Suzanne Park who framed her husband for Brenda's murder.
Anna Barmul Anna Barmul 'Spanish Flu (CSP21x9) 08 1.08
Anna Barmul was a doctor of epidemiology at the World Wide Health Alliance, who was thought to have committed suicide, due to how she was found, and having left a note on how to handle her remains. She had actually injected herself with a mutated strain of Spanish Flu (a.k.a. CSP21x9) in order to test a cure on herself. The cure needed heat to activate, but she learned that too late to save herself.
1.09-087 Vanessa Sawyer Strangulation 09 1.09
1.10-232 Robert Barbiero Knife Wounds 10 1.10
Robert Barbiero was a former security expert with ties to the Sticher Program and Kirsten's parents. He was seen throughout the season in a wheelchair and even helped save her life once. He was acting on orders of an unknown antagonist to kill Detective Fisher. He was later killed but not before being used to deliver a message solely to Kirsten upon her stitching into Barbiero.
1.09-317 Cameron Goodkin Potassium Methochloride 10 1.10
With Kirsten unable to see the license plate of the car of the person that Barbiero is arguing with outside the restaurant, Cameron injects himself with a syringe that stops his heart. The team had 4 minutes in which to stitch into him, retrieve the memory of the car which Cameron passed by, then revive him before he becomes brain dead. Kirsten failed to retrieve the information, but learned of Cameron's feeling for her.
1.11-095 Devon Landry Staged hanging 11 1.11
Devon was a college student suspected of kidnapping a fellow student who had been missing for several day before he was found dead of an apparent suicide, with a note apologizing for what he had done. Kirsten learns that he worked in an autopsy lab and discovered Devon's phone he had hidden away in a cadaver that led to the girl being rescued. It is revealed later that Devon was killed by his twin brother who was the actual kidnapper.

Season 2 Case Files

Image Name Cause of Death Episode
2.01-131 Leslie Turner Gunshot 01 2.01
Leslie Turner is shot to death in the Season 2 Premiere episode, "2.0", by an unknown assailant. His mind is fractured making it all but impossible to determine who was responsible, although for a time, it looked as if Maggie Baptiste were responsible, having had an argument with Leslie prior to his death. While Kirsten did not get to see directly who was responsible, fragments of Leslie's memory directed her to a secret floor within the Stitcher Facility, where she discovered the preserved body of Ed Clark.
2.02-037 Derek Steelman Hacked Insulin Pump 02 2.02
Derek Steelman was a hacker who was #3 on the FBI Most Wanted List. They offered him a deal and he turned white hat off the books, working on cyber terrorism. Kirsten points out his insulin pump and Maggie says he was disoriented when he walked into traffic. He apparently had been blackmailing an Ashley-Madison type website. He was actually framed for the hack by his jilted wife for Derek himself had used the service to cheat on her.
Stitch Report 03 2.03
Stitch Report 03 2.03
Stitch Report 04 2.04
Stitch Report 05 2.05
Stitch Report 06 2.06
Stitch Report 07 2.07
Stitch Report 08 2.08
Stitch Report 09 2.09
Stitch Report 10 2.10
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