When Darkness Falls
Season 1, Episode 11
Air date October 20th, 2015
Written by Lynne E. Litt & Eric Tuchman
Directed by Steve Miner
U.S. Viewers (millions) 0.49
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When Darkness Falls was a special holiday episode of Stitchers. It aired on October 20th, 2015. This was the first and only holiday episode of the series.


Kristen doesn't do scared, but she's spooked by an unusual stitch in a special, stand-alone Halloween episode of "Stitchers". While Camille preps for her annual Halloween bash, the Stitchers team investigates the suicide of a young man (guest star Jeremy Sumpter, "Friday Night Lights"), who may have abducted a missing college student. The stitch leaves Kirsten spooked, and she begins to worry she's being haunted by him as they race to find the missing girl. [1]


The special holiday episode begins with a recap of the series for newcomers. It lays out the premise of the show and familiarizes the audience with Kirsten's ability to best navigate people's memories, and her own unique medical condition that leads to her quirky behavior. 

Kirsten is first seen working on her laptop at night in her bedroom when the power cuts out suddenly. Using her phone for a flashlight she goes to investigate a blackout and comes across a zombie slowly crawling along the floor, his eyes glowing bright yellow in the darkness. Instead of being scared, Kirsten asks if the zombie is her roommate Camille's new boyfriend. Frustrated, Camille turns the lights back on, certain that it would have gotten a reaction out of her this time.  Kirsten reminds her that she "doesn't do scared," on account of her Temporal Dysplasia

Kirsten can't wait until Halloween is over so the overly decorated house can go back to normal and Camille can't believe given Kirsten's day job of stitching into the dead for a living why she doesn't love this holiday. Kirsten attitude makes Camille worry about her upcoming Halloween party. Camille answers a knock on the door and is greeted by the Grim Reaper — her coworker, Cameron Goodkin in costume.  Rather than display emotion, Kirsten informs him that he's two days early for Halloween. Linus shows up next dressed as a cow, complete with working milk udders, to which Kirsten says she finds scary and Camille covers her mouth to keep from laughing. 

The next day at work, Cameron makes a big deal about the large bin of candy corn Camille left in the break room, for he is all for various forms of corn, but not fake corn pretending to be corn. To which Camille tells him to read the first ingredient of the candy — corn syrup. Kirsten informs Cameron that Camille lost her venue to host her annual Halloween party, the house is being torn down to put up a mortuary. At that moment an alert sounds that a new corpse and a new case have arrived.

The victim was Devon Landry, a 20 year old student at Archer University, found hanging from a tree near his home.  A note left behind said he was "sorry for what he did."  He was associated with the disappearance of Kelli Marino, another student at the university who worked at the nearby diner who went missing 2 days ago.  She and Devon shared several classes together and given his note, it is possible he was involved in her abduction.  He has been living alone since his parents died a few years ago, but police found nothing when they searched his home.

Kirsten stitches into Devon's mind and is taken to the diner where Kelli worked.  Devon is watching Kelli and awkwardly tries to converse with her about about a lab test they recently took, but Kelli wasn't even aware they were attending the same class.  Devon is unable to talk to her further and pays for his meal before stumbling away out of the diner.  Kirsten then appears in a room with Devon standing over a dead body as he cleans a bloody surgical saw.  She tries to touch the body to see who is under the sheet but is bounced to a memory of Devon's bedroom where Devon is seen talking to himself in the mirror, asking why he does bad things.  His other half tells him to leave her alone.  She then bounces back to outside the diner at night when Kelli is leaving after locking up. Devon is watching her again, and there are no witnesses around.  Devon comes out of hiding, points at Kirsten and says "Don't you try and stop me," before grabbing Kelli and covering her mouth with his hands. 

Kirsten bounces out of the stitch to tell everyone that Devon looked at and talked her.  Cameron declares that it was a Phantasmic Memory Anomaly, a distorted memory that began as Devon thinking that thought at the time of the crime and it got encoded in his memory as a direct comment to himself.  Since she couldn't identify the room with the body, the team goes back to Devon's house to look for clues.

Camille instantly loves the place, believing it to be the perfect location to hold her Halloween party.  A quick search of public records indicates the home is completely paid off and will soon be grabbed up by the state. Kirsten sees movement in an upstairs window and the team goes inside to investigate.  Cameron follows her, unwilling to check out the possibly even more creepy basement.  Kirsten believes there is a presence in the house watching her. but they see nothing. 

Later that night, Kirsten searches Devon's online profile but sees no evidence of him being a kidnapper or possible murderer, he kept to himself and got good grades.  Camille intends to go forward with her party at Devon's house after mentioning it to a bunch of her friends, it is set to be a major event.  Linus comes over to assist Camille getting more decorations.  Kirsten goes to bed during a thunderstorm but when she hears a creaking she looks out her window to see Devon staring menacingly at her as the lightning flashes in the background.  She goes outside armed with a fireplace poker and is startled by a cat.

She arrives at Cameron's apartment in the middle of the night to tell him about Devon being outside her house before disappearing like a ghost.  She asks for chocolate hazelnut spread, which calms her down.  She then asks for milk which she proceeds to drink from the carton, to Cameron's dismay.  She then proceeds to go into Cameron's room while offering him his own couch to sleep on. 

During Kirsten's next stitch, Cameron is unusually quiet.  A butterfly floats around Kirsten's tanks before flying off as the tank starts to drain of water. Nobody pays any attention to Kirsten as the chair then locks her into place as the tank fills with dirty water causing Kirsten to panic. The water rises to just before it covers her head before Kirsten wakes up from her nightmare. Kirsten gets out of bed and looks out the window, but sees nothing but the storm raging outside. However, she sees a shadow of a person moving just outside's Cameron's apartment door. She peers through the peephole to view the empty hallway, but a second look causes her to see Devon scarily standing in front of the door. 

Kirsten is officially freaked out and wakes up Cameron who opens his eyes to a butcher knife over his head, causing him to bolt upright.  Kirsten is armed and scared of Devon who is outside the apartment.  Kirsten tells him not to, but Cameron opens the door and walks out into the hallway which is completely empty.  Kirsten insists she just saw him, but Cameron attributes it all to work induced stress.  He believes everyone has their limits and perhaps she has reached hers.  She is still visibly shaking when she hands him the knife back and he comforts her by stroking her shoulders and arms, and getting her to relax by taking deep breaths.  He reminds her that she "doesn't do scared," and that she is safe, and Devon is dead.  He walks her back to bed and tucks her in, but she asks him to stay with her for the night.  He crawls in beside her as she snuggles up close to him. 

The next morning, Cameron is awakened by a call from Fisher with Kirsten still wrapped around him. Fisher tells him that Devon was a temp at the university medical school's cadaver lab. The three of them head over to the lab and they jump at the sound of the door slamming. Fisher inquiry leads Kirsten to say she didn't get much sleep last night because of Cameron's snoring. Fisher starts to asks if they are together before laughing and dropping the matter, declaring it to be T.M.I. Fisher and Cameron are squeamish when looking under the drape of the cadaver before them while Kirsten is unaffected by the sight. She notices something and reaches into the body to fish out a cell phone that Kirsten recognizes as being Kelli's. The screen is a picture of Devon with an tied up and gagged Kelli. Using photogammetry to analyze the image, Camille deduces that Kelli is in a sealed airspace 7 by 8 by 10 feet and given the time of her kidnapping would run out of fresh oxygen in 124 minutes. 

Kirsten does the math to figure out that Kelli can't be more than 88 minutes away from either the university or his home, but that still leaves too wide an area to conduct a search, so they need to stitch back into Devon's mind.  She is back in Devon's house when she hears a noise from the basement.  Down there she sees Devon moving a heavy piece of equipment along with Kelli's screams.  Devon looks over, points to her and says "You're next," causing Kirsten to bounce. 

Fisher and the gang return to the house and Kirsten and Fisher move the obstruction to find the sealed room with Kelli who is barely alive. Kirsten comforts her after she comes to. Fisher tells them that Kelli will be okay and that they saved her life.  Later that night Camille holds the party at the house.  Kirsten is dressed as an angel while Cameron is a superhero.  They joke around flirtatiously about forming a crime fighting team.  Cameron asks Kirsten to dance and she agrees after finding a bathroom.

Upstairs, she sees a light in the bedroom and walks back into Devon's room. The mirror she saw in her room turns out to have been an archway instead leading to another room.  She steps on a picture frame and is shocked when see sees a picture of Devon and his twin brother, when the brother Gavin, pushes her inside the small room.  Kirsten realizes that she has been seeing Devon's twin this entire time, and not Devon's ghost.  He starts to choke her, but Kirsten kicks and punches her way to freedom back downstairs.  Camille and Linus are still fighting about his costume choice because his costume was not scary or in the spirit of the holiday.  The group doesn't believe Kirsten at first but then realize what she tells them about Devon's twin and they have to get everyone out of the party.

Camille gets everyone to leave by saying that Stephen King is outside signing autographs, but by the time everyone leaves, Camille is missing.  Kirsten returns to the room to find the archway hidden behind a bookshelf.  She runs in quickly separating herself from Cameron and Linus.  Kirsten finds and unbinds Camille, but she turns out to simply be bait for Kirsten.  Gavin insists Devon is to blame for his actions, he wanted to spend time with Kelli and Gavin couldn't allow that.  He killed Devon when his brother insisted he let Kelli go, and Gavin forged a suicide note implicating his brother. 

Gavin believes there is something different about Kirsten and Kirsten agrees, saying that she knows what it is like to be different.  People look at her strange, not wanting to be around her.  She continues to bond with Gavin saying she understands that Devon needed to be punished for his betrayal, for being the good twin that everyone loved while Gavin was forced to hide all his life.  She manages to back him up to the door where she is able to cut the rope to the dead-weight holding the door locked in place onto Gavin's head, knocking him unconscious. 

The police arrest Gavin, who was never entered into the system.  Fisher then makes a comment about how they all were all still guilty of trespassing and breaking and entering. Camille asks if he is going to arrest them, and Fisher replies, "Only if you don't invite me next year."  Cameron comments this being the scariest Halloween ever, to which Kirsten reaffirms, that she doesn't do scared. 

Title and Background

  • The title of the episode was confirmed to be When Darkness Falls on September 28th, 2015.Source
  • When Darkness Falls: The Halloween episode's title is a hint about the real story behind the episode because it's all taking place in Cameron’s head when he flat lines.

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  • This will be a standalone, bonus episode of Season 1 that will take place place some time before the events of  the season 1 finale:Full Stop  and will air as part of ABC Family's Annual 13 Nights of Halloween .
  • When asked about where does this episode fit into the timeline of season 1, Jeff A Shechter, a writer for the show said: "The Halloween ep is an interesting ep. It's both inside and outside the timeline for season 1. That's all I can say!"Source
  • Sometime around the shooting of I See You the network(Freeform; then ABC Family) called to tell Jeffrey and Co. that they wanted them to do a Halloween episode. They're big genre geeks, so they loved the idea of doing an episode that could go a little darker and scarier.
  • During 2.0, Cameron mentioned he had a dream of Kirsten as an angel and himself as a hero. Implying this episode was the dream he had.


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Gold & Youth "Time to Kill"
Young Empires "Against The Wall"
My Digital Enemy(Feat. Lizzie Massey) "To Dust"
My Gold Mask "Severed"



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