Turn around.
Young Kirsten
Young Kirsten
Biographical information
Full name: Kirsten Clark
Status: Grown up
Age: 8-9
Other information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Brown
Marital status: Single
Family: Jacqueline Stinger-Mother

Daniel Stinger- Father

Series information
Portrayed by: Kaylee Quinn
Coco Quinn (younger Kirsten)
Season/s: 1
First appearance: A Stitch In Time
Latest appearance: Full Stop
Appearance count: 7

Young Kirsten Clark appears in flashbacks as the main character's younger self on ABC Family's Stitchers. She often appears with Ed Clark, the man who raised Kirsten after her father abandoned her. She is portrayed by Kaylee Quinn.


Young Kirsten is the depiction of Kirsten Clark as a young child. She appears in flashbacks of the older character throughout the series when certain objects or events in Kirsten's life trigger old memories. She is only seen in flashbacks, but the memories usually correlate to a case Kirsten is working or while continuing her investigation into Ed Clark's murder.

Physical Appearance

Young Kirsten is a child of 8-10 years with blond hair.


A Stitch in Time

Stitchers101 0243
Young Kirsten is first seen in the pilot watching her biological father get into a cab and walk out of her life. She has just lost her mother to a car accident and is being left in the care of a family friend, Ed Clark. The loss of her mother exacerbates her medical condition further isoloating Kirsten from her emotions and she shrugs off Ed's attempt at affection. All she wants is for her father to turn around one last time, but he never looks back.

Friends in Low Places

Stitchers102 0670
A reference to monsters being in the world causes Kirsten to remember when Ed Clark used to check for monsters under her bed. When he searches with a flashlight but fails to find any, Kirsten implores him to look again. Later Kirsten remembers Ed Clark trying to console Kirsten with the knowledge that there are no such thing as monster, but Kirsten cannot handle the emotional display and covers her ears. It is due to this flashback that Kirsten decides to remain in the Stitcher's program despite not being able to stitch into Ed's memories.


Stitchers103 0581
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Finding an old cassette tape makes Kirsten remember when Ed Clark created a tape of himself reading bedtime stories for Kirsten for when Ed was away on business trips. Kirsten shows little interest in the tape and also rebuffs his attempt to give her a goodbye kiss on the forehead. After Ed leaves, young Kirsten picks up the tape and throws it in the garbage. The tape is later instrumental in locating a key left by Ed Clark for Kirsten.

A Stitcher in the Rye

An old floppy computer disk from a new case makes Kirsten remember playing games on Ed Clark's iMac computer. Ed wants to use the computer and tells Kirsten her time is up. Kirsten says she was told she had 5 minutes left, and due to her temporal dysplasia, she doesn't know what 5 minutes feels like. Ed responds by turning off the screen and stating that is what it is like. The memory spurs Kirsten to find old computer equipment of Ed's that has the ability to read the old disc and unlock its secrets-the algorithm that makes stitching possible.


Attending the service for Marta Rodriguez and seeing Cameron in pain causes Kirsten to remember to when Ed Clark took her to visit her mother's final resting place. Young Kirsten is unemotional and unresponsive when Ed tells her that she can touch her mother's picture whenever she wants. She instead walks away. Young Kirsten is also seen briefly when a machine is used to recover lost memories. She is seen floating in a tank of water with electrodes strapped to her head, indicating that she may have been instrumental in the testing of the stitcher's technology. She is seen one last time as Kirsten stands once again in front of her mother's wall marker, led there by the cassette tape left by Ed Clark.

Future Tense

Thinking about Liam's marriage proposal made Kirsten think back to when she was a little girl reading a bedtime story. She states she doesn't want to get married when she grows up. Ed Clark tells her that she doesn't have to if she doesn't want to, but there may come a time when she falls in love with someone and wants to marry them. She shuts down when he tries to comfort her.

Full Stop

After confiding to her friends about the key she found, Kirsten uses it to access a safety deposit box that contained the missing encyclopedia volume which hid a memory stick. It contained a video record of Kirsten's father using his young daughter to stitch into her mother's comatose body. Kirsten learns that her father's experiment is what caused her temporal dysplasia. Young Kirsten is seen one final time in Cameron's memory. She is painting her mother's nails while she lies in a coma at the hospital. A young Cameron, fresh out of heart surgery, comforts her about her mother.

Appearances: 7/21

Season 1 :

Season 2:



  • In Season 2, onward Kaylee 's younger sister, Coco Quinn will be playing a younger version of Kirsten Clark.
  • We see her in the form of flashbacks, usually with Ed Clark. These scenes are usually tied to events happening in the present day.



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